Hello everyone! Welcome to the Gaming Gallery for Philcon 2022.

Philcon 2022 will be an in person convention beginning on Friday, November 18 and ending on Sunday, November 20.

The Gaming Gallery is the room off the main lobby, next to the hotel bar and elevator banks.

Everyone will need to sanitize their hands before playing a game, everyone will need to wear a mask and be aware of social distancing. 

We will be bringing our board game bank. We are also happy to allow people to run and/or share their own games or their favorite games. Even if you just stop by to play a game or chat, we look forward to seeing you!

We are planning some exciting scheduled games for Philcon 2022. More details to come. Check back often.

If you would like more information regarding gaming, please write to

We look forward to seeing you in person at Philcon in November 2022.